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Step 1 - Selection & Verification

Verifying that your goods can be imported to China and testing of product samples.

Step 2 - Documentation

Registration with AQSIQ to be an exporter and preparation of the relevant export documents.

Step 3 - Shipment

Ship your products/samples to the Free Trade Zone via Hong Kong.

Step 4 - Labeling & Packaging

Ensuring your product's labels and packaging meet the standard Chinese requirements. We will assist in Chinese label registration. Advise given on standard and new updated procedures.

Step 5 - Customs & CIQ

Professional customs procedures - products are inspected and tested by Customs & Quarantine Sector of Regulatory. We will assist in handling CIQ approval for selling in China.

Step 6 - Distribution

Marketing and distribution of your goods in China, not only through the Free Trade Zone, we will also promote your products to distributors and retailers in Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China.

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