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Ship your products/samples to FTZ via Hong Kong - and we will take care of the rest!

Qiaqun Import Street Services:

We have signed an exclusive contract with "Qiaqun import street" /  ZHUHAI QIXIAN TRADING CO., LTD

"Qiaqun import street" belongs to the People's Republic of China and located in Zhuhai-Macau cross-border zone and is approved by the State Council

Step 1 - Selection & Verification

Verifying that your goods can be imported to China and testing of product samples.

Step 3 - Shipment

Ship your products/samples to the Free Trade Zone via Hong Kong.

Step 5 - Customs & CIQ

Professional customs procedures - products are inspected and tested by Customs & Quarantine Sector of Regulatory. We will assist in handling CIQ approval for selling in China.

Step 2 - Documentation

Registration with AQSIQ to be an exporter and preparation of the relevant export documents.

Step 4 - Labeling & Packaging

Ensuring your product's labels and packaging meet the standard Chinese requirements. We will assist in Chinese label registration. Advise given on standard and new updated procedures.

Step 6 - Distribution

Marketing and distribution of your goods in China, not only through the Free Trade Zone, we will also promote your products to distributors and retailers in Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China.

We work on a contractual basis with the aim to find your brand distributors & retailers in mainland China

Apart from the FTZ window - we will use your samples to promote your products to distributors & retailers in Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China​​ 


The operating supermarket/showroom area has 3 floors (total area of 4,500m2)

Floors 1 and 2 exhibit imported goods and the 3rd floor exhibits the wine selection

For samples only, no CIQ approval or Chinese label needed to export to FTZ - your brand can be put on the shelves immediately in the exhibition hall for show to both retail and wholesalers 

* samples must have at least 11 items and each item must be less than USD600 *

** for general import, CIQ approval is needed - contact us for more information **

The FTZ has a network of around 600 distributors throughout China who visit the store regularly to look for new imported products


Start up fee of EU3000 on signing of contract and an administration fee of 500 EURO per stock unit


Goods on consignment


Ocean freight from your production facility to FTZ via port of Hong Kong, at your cost


The FTZ in Macau takes care of the transport from Hong Kong to the FTZ in Macau, at your cost


Land freight, customs documents fee, tariff, inspection cost and customs inspection fees – net cost paid by Supplier

Sales Commission to Gourmet Wine & Dine Ltd.

If a direct distributor is secured:

Sales commission of 5% (based on wholesale prices from you to your partner) will be deducted for the initial 3 years of contract

Sales Commission to the FTZ

If goods sold to consumers:

25% of the goods retail price to be deducted as commission

If goods sold to wholesalers:

15% of goods for wholesale clients to be deducted as a commission

* RRP (Recommended Retail Price) to be advised by brand/supplier *

This Is The Ideal Opportunity To Expand Your Business!

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